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For Level of Detail support in UMA there is the component called "UMASimpleLOD". This component provides texture and mesh LOD support. The component automatically scales the atlas size per LOD by decreasing the resolution by half at each stage. For mesh support, the user has to provide alternative slots with the format "name_LOD#" where # is the number of the stage they want that slot to be used for.



Uma Data - This does not need to be set, but it is left in for legacy support.

Lod Distance - The distance "step" between each LOD stage.

Lod Display - Optional Text Mesh object that will display the LOD number for this gameobject.

Swap Slots - Flag to determine whether to swap slots for mesh LOD.

Lod Offset - Allows the user to offset the LOD number, e.g. if the user wants their first LOD to be 1 instead of 0, they would set this to 1.