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  • DynamicCharacterAvatar - advanced avatar and clothing system
    • Loading from Asset Bundles and Resources
    • Asset bundle encryption
    • Parameterized DNA for Races
    • Placed UMA representation in Edit mode
  • Upgraded base avatars
  • Unity 5.5 compatibility
  • Improved custom inspectors for objects in Unity Editor
  • Expression editor
  • High poly slots compatible with low poly slots
  • Alpha Cutout system
  • Global texture scaler
  • Animator dont get rebuilt on UMA update
  • New scenes - New avatars, Networking, LOD
  • General speed up
  • Lots of general fixes


  • Fixed Scene 6
  • Fixed Unity 5.2 compatibility.
  • Small improvements for 3rd party plugins


  • Removed harmless stray files that cluttered the last release.


  • Removed compiler warnings in 5.1
  • Fixed Compile and Continue!
  • Fixed UMASkeleton.Reset (Expressions)
  • Fixed serialization bug for slots added with inspector
  • Allow ConvertMipMaps even when not ConvertingRenderTextures